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  2. Here we go again!

    I just finished up my first round of Body Beast, and without delay, I’m launching into Round TWO. This time around, I’m focusing more on my nutrition so that I can get some great results. I’ll also be focusing on increasing my weights as much as possible, even though there’s a greater possibility of failure. If I want to get stronger, if I want to grow, I’ve got to push to my LIMITS.

    But is it really Body Beast?

    Truth be told, though, I suppose this isn’t a TRUE Body Beast program, as I’m subbing the leg and cardio workouts for running. I may keep a few of the leg workouts in there for strengthening purposes. But I’m going to do workouts in line with my goals, and I aim to run a half marathon this fall, and my long-term vision is to do a full marathon next spring.

    Ever since I started running back in 2005, I’ve always enjoyed going LONG, and I’d like to get back to that, as it’s been years since I’ve done that.

    Creating the time to really go long? That’s another story. We’ll see how that goes.

    The other alteration is that during these first three weeks, I’m not going to be eating the full amount of calories. I’m actually doing more of a leaning-out process in the first month and the last month and leaving the bulking just for the Bulk phase.

    Today was Build: Chest & Arms, and it was GREAT.

    In any event, I’m excited for Round Two of Body Beast, I love this program, and I’m thankful to Sagi Kalev and Beachbody for creating it!

  3. Today is my last day of my first round of BODY BEAST! Here’s a picture of what I was able to accomplish.

    BODY BEAST results I really wish I had some sort of body composition testing or something which would tell me what has changed on the INSIDE, but for now, all I’ve got to go on are these photos, how my strength numbers have improved, and how my clothes fit, which is TIGHTER all throughout my upper body.

    I really loved this program, and I can’t wait to keep going to see what I can truly accomplish. I feel like the sky’s the limit with this one, so why not keep going?

    If you want to get a taste of BODY BEAST and want me to help keep you motivated to achieve great results, just get in touch and let me know!

  4. So tomorrow morning is my LAST Body Beast workout for this first round of Body Beast. But for today, I crushed Bulk: Back and added a 3.4 mile run before it. Feeling good. This program has been flat-out AMAZING, and I’m so glad that I tried it. I liked it so much that I’m starting right over again next Monday for Round TWO (while adding some running to gear up for a fall half marathon!). Thank you Sagi, and thank you Beachbody for this program. It’s my “soul-mate” fitness program! Who knew that I would like a classic bodybuilding routine so much? Stay tuned for some BEFORE & AFTER pics and a wrap-up video with my results and review of BODY BEAST!

  5. Striped bass topped with mango, avocado, & peppers on parmesan quinoa with an ear of sweet corn. #healthy #norrislake #fishing

    Striped bass topped with mango, avocado, & peppers on parmesan quinoa with an ear of sweet corn. #healthy #norrislake #fishing

  6. Body Beast Bulk: Arms for the first time today. What a challenge! All of these workouts are challenging as long as you go heavy and push yourself with INTENSITY.

    I think my favorite part about this program is that I get to eat a lot. No pressure to restrict my calories, as long as I’m putting the right stuff in my engine.

    Going forward, I’ll be running a monthly challenge group for Focus T25 and one for Body Beast. These are my programs!!!

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  8. Body Beast Bulk: Legs was on the calendar today. Boy, am I going to be feeling that one tomorrow! I really take Shakeology for granted. What an amazing supplement! I never feel run-down or too tired to do anything, even though I wake up by 4am most days. I’ve switched over to Greenberry Shakeology for next month. I generally keep it simple with the recipes and preparation, but maybe I’ll get out of my comfort zone a little bit. Looking forward to it! Another T25 challenge group stars up next week. I’m so glad that my current challengers are seeing the results they want. I consider it my responsibility to make sure they have a great experience with the program and reach their goals.

  9. Welcome to Body Beast BULK Phase! I’m pumped to transition into the next part of this program, no pun intended. Five weeks of routine. Boy, do I love me some ROUTINE. I’m seriously wondering if I’m going to need some more weight, though. I’m close to maxing out on a few chest exercises. Oh well. Maybe next time after my Beachbody business picks up more steam.

  10. I did something pretty darn fun with my Beast: Back and Bis workout on Saturday morning.

    I woke up a little bit late, and I was pressed for time with my workout. Since I have a digital copy of the workouts on my computer, I played the workout with VLC Media Player at 1.2x the normal speed.

    So my workout was 20% faster, which also means it was at least 20% more intense! It definitely was a challenge, but it is something that I’m definitely going to try again in the future if I’m either short on time or I simply want to change things up.

    Sunday was a rest day, and I rested my face off. I also rested my nutrition as well by going a little crazy on the Easter candy & chocolate in the evening. I’ll move on from that and cut myself off from any further sweets this week.

    BODY BEAST Bulk phase starts tomorrow. PUMPED!


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